Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've been showing you the scenic areas of Shippensburg, and the commercial "downtown" hub of King Street. Today I decided to wander around in the back alleys and side streets of town, where the place isn't so spiffed up and worried about how it looks, where people work and play out of sight of the shopping crowd. There's an edge to the atmosphere here, an attitude of "if you don't like what you see you shouldn't be here". I decided to process the photos with a Photoshop action that gives something of a vintage color film feel - a little faded and the colors off just a bit - and added a little film grain to add to the appearance of age. The result echoes the area: tucked away out of sight and conveniently overlooked and forgotten.

There's music for this one. Who better to sing about the backstreets of America than The Boss, Bruce Springsteen? Here he is live in concert in 1984 with the E Street Band singing the great song "Backstreets". Enjoy!

Photos © 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Still loving the Photoshop experiments!

  2. An alley prowler since childhood, I want to step right in and explore.

    Thanks for the Bruce!

  3. More evidence that, in the hands of a Master, Photoshop is a very creative tool indeed.

  4. Like ur blog..very good photo's....and I following 4 u))))

  5. Wow, those are cool photos! I love the feeling you've caught & the Photoshop processing really enhances what would already be good shots. The one with the parked cars & the power lines may be my favorite.