Tuesday, December 20, 2011

King Street Decorated

King St., Shippensburg's main drag, is all gussied up for the holidays. I took the camera with me on the way to grocery shopping and caught some scenes. All we need now is snow; at the moment it's raining!

McLean House is always festive-looking at this time of year:

Knute's Pub & Grill gets into the season in a big way:

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter has a thrift shop on King St., one of their ways to fund the shelter. They decorated the storefront to depict Dickens' A Christmas Carol. There were five scenes, but only these two came out well; reflections in the glass were a real problem. But at least the scene with Jacob Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Present came out well, and if you look closely at that second shot you can see a reflection of the artist hard a work capturing the scene.

Then there's The Lollipop Shop. It's always pretty festive looking, but this time of year the owner is in her element and having the time of her life. It looks it, doesn't it?

This house reminded me of Newport; it's that almost-Federal style from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. But where in Newport it would usually be built with clapboard siding, here it's faced with brick, a characteristic of the area. It looks even more in period decorated for Christmas.

And then there's my own contribution to the decorations. I didn't make my wreath this year as I've done in the past; what with moving and all I just didn't have the time. But we sell these at work, and they all looked good, so I bought one and added a bow. Voila!

© 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. ...love your wreath, Roy! The greens look fresh. I like your new digs also!

  2. I remember when you yourself resembled a Dickens ghost... before you shaved the beard.

  3. Gorgeous!~

    Roy, I ordered my calendar! It should be arriving any day now! :)

  4. Very festive! Beautiful colors, as others have mentioned. I really like the shot of the Marley's Ghost scene!

  5. Thanks guys!

    David - Never fear, the beard is growing back. But I couldn't find any Holly to wrap around my head this year; I'll have to dig out that picture and post it again.

    Betsy - Thanks!

  6. Those Displays Put The Brits To Shame! Dickens Would Be Proud!